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Weir Restoration

Weir Restoration

The Scheduled Ancient Monument and the Local Nature Reserve which belong to the Trust (see Background and History) have to be managed so that they will be here for future generations. The biggest risk to the Voes is the potential loss of the weir on the River Ayr, which is in danger of being washed away downstream. If the weir were to be washed away the Voes would quite quickly become stagnant quagmires of mud and vegetation and this could also cause stability problems.

For these reasons the Catrine Environmental Heritage Partnership (CEHP) came into being. The CEHP is a joint venture between Catrine Community Trust and East Ayrshire Council, currently funded by the Restoring Communities Fund. Their most critical objective is to save the weir before it is washed away. As a Scheduled Monument, the weir has to be saved in a way that is approved by Historic Scotland and as major engineering work is required in the middle of a spate river, about 1.6 million is needed to do this.

Fortunately a recent award from Rural Priorities shall fund the entombment of the original weir in lime concrete which shall preserve the Scheduled Monument to the satisfaction of Historic Scotland.

This work is expected to start in late 2013 and Addison Conservation & Design are busy working out the tender documentation to allow the project to proceed to the satisfaction of Historic Scotland.


CATRINE COMMUNITY TRUST is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland. No. 137493. Scottish Charity No. SC020088