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The Hydro & Renewables Project

The Minerals Trust have provided 110,000 to purchase a 99 year lease on the disused 1950s hydro scheme equipment situated near the fish hatchery. The Trust has also obtained funding from the Big Lottery Fund`s Growing Community Assets fund to get the turbines producing electricity again. This revenue will provide the sustainability of an income for the Trust to function in the future years and provide all the skills training and benefits to the community.

The historic Voes have been desilted by local contractors to enable unobstructed flow to reach the turbine intake house. The silt was taken off site for reuse as an agricultural soil conditioner. The leaking embankment to the West Voe has been sealed with a bentonite clay mat liner and the historic footbridge over the West Lade is being restored to it`s former glory with the poermission of Historic Scotland. The temporary road crossing installed many years ago shall finally be removed too. (see the pics in the gallery area)

The hydro equipment shall be refurbished and made operational during 2013 to feed into the grid so that income can be gereated from the power of the river Ayr.

But that`s not all. The hydro scheme is hopefully going to be just one component of a larger Catrine Community Renewables business which will create jobs and cash from renewable energy on our doorstep. we are also investigating various wind turbine sites (two with local farmers) and biodiesel production from used cooking oil.

At present we are seeking money to pay for further studies to be done to take the wind projects to the planning permission stage. Of course, there will still be full community consultation to ensure that the plans all meet the needs of the community.


CATRINE COMMUNITY TRUST is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland. No. 137493. Scottish Charity No. SC020088