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Current Comments

Mr. Alexander (27/08/12)
Great website, but main street is derelict. Disgraceful.

hunter (05/08/12)
Visited Catrine last week the square which used to be beautiful ,is an absolute disgrace ,trees dying weeds all over .time it was seen to.Not a place to sit and contemplate.

rachel craig (29/06/12)
The garden was great. Your doing a wonderful job.

Jean (13/03/12)
some maps would be useful. > Thanks, We shall look at this and see what we can do. Hugh

Gordon Robertson (21/12/11)
When did John T Dowie (Car Dealer) cease trading? > It looks like he ceased trading in the late 1970s . Hugh

Sue Yu (16/12/11)
Lovely Website, we have just bought a property there and cant wait to spent some time in Catrine.

Stu (02/09/11)
Hi - Excecellent website. It is a long shot but perhaps someone will know the answer. I have just found out that I have an uncle ---- would be very elderley if still alive. Last known living in Catrine in 1967. He turned up at my grandad`s funeral and said that he was an "unknown about" son. He would have been born probably between 1911 and 1925 and his father ws William Brown of New Cumnock. If that rings any bells with anyone please get in touch. My email is Thanks and have a GREAT day.

Stuart (03/05/11)
Hi - have never visited Catrine although I just live in Strathaven. I will definately be visiting now I have seen the pics on the site. The reason I was on the site is because I am trying to trace someone who lived in Catrine (probably dead now but will maybe have relatives who will recognise the story. I only found out last week that my dad had a half-brother. My dad is 91 years old and the chances are that the half-brother would be older than that - probably born 1915 - 1920. Their dad in common was William Brown from New Cumnock - my grandad. My dad only found out about his half brother by chance when my grandad died in 1967. He just met him briefly and remembered that he lived in Catrine. I would be grateful if anyone knows any relatives. Have a GREAT day - thanks Stuart

Chris (26/08/10)
like the new comments board. good luck!

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