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Stenlake Publishing

Stenlake Publishing specialises in a number of subject areas. Our principal specialty is quality books of local interest highly illustrated with old photographs, usually accompanied by an informative text.  We also have a substantial list of industrial and transport-related titles – railways, canals, road transport, coastal shipping, mining, and aviation. These titles range across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.  In May 2008 we acquired a number of titles previously published by Marston House/Alphabet & Image Ltd. This list includes titles on modern and contemporary ceramics, horticulture, bee-keeping, building conservation and china painting.  The company’s origins go back to 1987 when Richard Stenlake published his first book, priced at a modest £2.95! Today Stenlake Publishing has over 500 titles in print across its imprints. We are adding to this total all the time and publishing new titles in our core subject areas.  If you have an idea for a book, please send us an outline of your idea by email. We are mainly interested in non-fiction subjects from authors with proven expertise in their field, but we will look at anything and you never know!  We are based in the heart of Burns Country, in Ayrshire in the West of Scotland. Our factory “shop” is open weekdays during office hours and you are welcome to visit us and browse through our stock and purchase books.

Richard Stenlake
TEL: 01290 551122

54-58 Mill Square

CATRINE COMMUNITY TRUST is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland. No. 137493. Scottish Charity No. SC020088